Welcome to Cindy and David’s Blog – the Traveling Texas Duo!


Greetings all!  Thanks for stopping by to check out our blog.

We enjoy all kinds of travel, but especially cruising, and we hope to use this blog to share some of our adventures with you.

This current blog was started with our Northern Crossing Cruise on the Voyager, but we have included lots of links to older blogs, pictures and videos from some of our trips from years past.  You can access these by clicking on the links to the right.  Most of the Picture Links are set up to play in Slide Show mode.   You can also access them by going to our Picasa Gallery and SmugMug Gallery.


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  4 Responses to “Welcome to Cindy and David’s Blog – the Traveling Texas Duo!”

  1. Hi Cindy and David

    My child is doing a project about Saint Rose of Lima from Peru . I would like to use the tomb of Saint Rose picture from your trip to the Convent Santo Domingo with your aproval it was very beautiful and had so much detail of her devotion. I wondered if by chance you do have a picture of the Church with her name in Lima, Peru. Any pictures will be so greatly appreciated , I have being searching for it without much luck. Thanks for sharing your pictures they make us appreciate other places and their beauty.

    Many blessings,
    Mrs Freeman

  2. I am sending you a private email with some additional pictures.


  3. Hi Cindy and Dave, I appreciated your pictures of Iceland and the Faroe Islands, we are doing a trip very similar to yours and wonder if you would email me and let me ask you a few questions about your trip. Great work on the photos.

  4. Will send you a private message…

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